Piano Tuning

We will make technical adjustments to the string tension for correct pitch or frequency in sound.

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Minor Repairs

Piano cleaning and lubricating action, broken strings, hammers, shanks, flanges, springs, etc..

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Services generally involve reworking structural integrity, major components (piano action, sound board, pin block, dampers, harp/strings, etc.

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Piano Transportation

Transport your piano lorem ipsom

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Piano Tuning

Tuning is the adjustment in string tension to the correct pitch or frequency. When a piano is tuned correctly it will sound in harmony with itself and all other musical instruments, chords, octaves and intervals.

Remember, your piano is a living breathing thing! Wood continues to expand and contract with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. The string tension fluctuates accordingly.

Every piano is designed to perform its best when tuned to A-440 (A-5 vibrates at 440 cycles per second), standard international pitch. It’s important that your piano maintain the correct pitch which allows you to play along with other instruments and singers. Vocalist are taught to sing on pitch. All other instruments are designed to the same standard pitch. When a piano is neglected, it is rendered unsuitable to play independently or with other musicians and can lead to a diminished market value.

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Minor Repairs

In general minor repairs are those repairs that should be done in the home if at all possible. They include but are not limited to the following items; piano cleaning and lubricating action, repairs of broken strings, hammers, shanks, flanges, springs, etcDone safely and correctly, inhome repairs can be more efficient and cost effective for the client.

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Rebuilding encompasses the entire piano including its structure, pin-block, strings, soundboard, bridges, and its action as well as the keyboard and case refinishing. The process involves totally disassembling, inspecting and repairing/replacement of all worn and damage parts, all strings and tuning pins, damper system, trapwork, installation of new hammers and action parts, re-working hardware and a complete action regulation. A partial rebuild will only address one or two of these areas, such as; rebuilding the action and structure, but not refinishing the case.

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Class “A” Rebuild

Total reconstruction of the entire piano. Refinish Cabinet / Replace Soundboard and Bridges / New Action / Keys Tops Recovered / Resurface Harp / Replace Pin- block / Restring Piano / Dampers / Regulation / Voicing / Tuning

Class “B” Rebuild

Replace or repair parts that will return the instrument to a high performance level. Each class “B” rebuild will be a little different depending on the particular piano need. Again, the entire instrument must be taken under consideration for this to be done correctly.

Class “C” Rebuild

To repair or replace only those parts that are necessary to create a good quality sound and performance level. Each piano will require its very own diagnosis of service.

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