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ACE goes out on the town! Searching in and around Houston for entertainment, drinks, good eats and big Texas fun.

There are restaurants, bars, clubs and listening rooms in and around our wonderful city that are waiting for you to discover them. ACE Piano has been there and can tell you “What’s HOT in the city”.

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Ace here, looking for Blues tonight… Took the drive to the other side of town (Well worth the drive by the way) and here I am at Martini BLU Jazz Cafe listening to songstress Keisha Bradford, from Jackson, Mississippi, singing In a Cold Sweat and Rock Steady. As they drive into a little Stevie Ray Vaughn played perfectly by a full band two trumpets, saxophone, electric guitar, percussionist, bass guitar and vocalist. Keisha blessed us with an original creation What Have I Done to You.   She moans out the ballad coaxing emotion from the audience which is now swaying in their seats and waving hands in the air. Keisha, still full of energy effortlessly singing songs like Let’s Stay Together, These Last Two Dollars and a highly crowd-participated Proud Mary.

Order tickets for Live performances early, they go fast!

Now back to me, I decided that since I was after all at Martini BLU Jazz Cafe, I had to order a….. drumroll please…… Martini!  So the Lemon Drop Martini it is. The bartender noted that it’s his best drink, and he did not disappoint. It’s not overly sweet (thank you, Sir) has just enough pucker from the lemon which is complemented nicely by a sugar rim. This drink will sneak up on you so stay seated until the ride is over <wink> and do not forget to arrange your Uber if you plan to have several of these. And for dinner, I ordered the Roasted Chicken in Portobello mushroom cream sauce over Garlic mashed potatoes and Seasoned vegetables. At $19.00, I expected to see just a little more in the presentation department. None the less the dinner was absolutely delicious! My friend ordered the Summer Fling Salmon for $24.00 (Grilled Scottish Salmon, Basil Tomatoes and Butternut Squash). Mmmmmm cooked to perfection and portion was comfortably fulfilling! The sauce is a perfect balance with the flavor and consistency that I’d expect in a 5-Star restaurant, Bien joué (well done)! This is a place you take someone you want to impress. The bartenders are friendly and accommodating, the host and hostess are warm and helpful. It is clearly a venue that is focused on the entertainment, and suffer no delusions, the chef is serving dishes worthy of a spotlight! And I had a wonderful evening. Thank you.


A Few Notes From the Menu

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