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About & Mission Statement

The piano, "it sings a melody that only I can hear!"

Dating all the way back to 1700, Bartolomeo Cristofori birthed the Piano-Forte, which has since transformed into the modern piano we know today. I often pondered whether he dreamed it up or conceived it within the depths of his mind. How did such an innovation come into existence?

Back in 1973, during my time at Valparaiso University, I fell head over heels for the Piano, despite it not being my main instrument. While my friends were captivated by its beauty, I found myself drawn to the sounds, mechanics, geometry, and physics that composed this remarkable creation. It was as though my interest, imagination, and soul were completely ensnared by it.

Upon completing my graduation a few years later, I entered the workforce. Once I managed to settle my debts and save up a sufficient sum, I promptly enrolled in the Sims School of Piano Technology. And since that time I’ve never lost my piano passion.

Even after over three decades have passed, I still find myself asking, “What propels me to persist in this pursuit?” The answer lies in the piano, akin to a cherished partner. It sings a melody that only I can hear!

Mission Statement

We are a small but dedicated business focused on delivering only the best results for our clients. We offer a wide range of services to the Greater Houston area, Sugar Land, Pearland, and the Woodlands including piano tuning and repairs, brokering, consignments, appraisals, custom restoration and design, concert preparation and piano moving.